3 Tips to Start Changing Your Body

Let’s start small – my TOP 3 TIPS for changing your body.

I know this is cliché but let me start my very first health & fitness post by saying – it is a LIFESTYLE. I cannot tell you everything you need to know in one post and what works for me may simply not fit in with your lifestyle.

Today I’m sharing 3 things that I feel (very strongly) you should be doing for better mental and physical health. Plus, they’re an easy way to kick-start your journey to living  healthier life.

Tip 1: Water

The best “diet pill”, “cleanse” and “fitness drink” on the market comes straight from your tap. There is a reason that EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has lost weight or made significant changes to their body tells you to drink your water, so why aren’t you listening?

I’m going to get harsh here. I don’t want to hear the BS about you not liking water, not having enough time, forgetting, blah, blah, blah. If you cannot commit to drinking 100+ oz per day, then you’re not ready to commit to a new lifestyle. Period.

Moving on – I’m not a sipper. I don’t love water either but I know my body needs it for hydration, proper digestion, muscle recovery and the list goes on so I make it a priority. You will often find me chugging down 16 ounces at the water fountain so I can get my intake in while refilling and heading to my next meeting. You can make it happen, you’re just choosing not to.

Tip 2: Never Look at a Scale Again

At the risk of sounding extremely dramatic this changed my life. Before I threw away our scale all I cared about was a number. I was so obsessed with it that I didn’t care how I treated my body or how my clothes fit and I was going to any length to make that number budge down just a pound or two so I could “treat myself” with a binge and start all over again.

Not only was it extremely mentally unhealthy for me, it kept me from achieving my goals for myself physically.

Guess what guys?! My dramatic “weight loss” is no weight lost at all. I am not a single pound different today than I was 5, even 10 years ago. My abs? Same number of pounds as my belly pooch. I’m refraining from sharing my weight in this post, not because I’m ashamed of it, but because I again do not want a single one of you latching onto that number as your new “goal”. Your body knows it’s own healthy weight- you’ve just got to get out of it’s way.

Now, of course I gained weight while pregnant with our boys which is an important story of it’s own but my body found it’s way right back to my normal. I have been the same weight +/- 5 pounds since I was a freshman in high school and that’s not because I’ve taken good care of myself and eaten right. I overate, didn’t exercise, over-exercised, lifted weights, danced, ran, starved myself, binged, puked, took laxatives, ate 1200 calories, worked out consistently… you know there’s more as I’m sure you’ve been there. My point is that through it all, my body needed to be at the weight it is today and that’s not your weight and it’s not the number I always had as my “goal weight” in mind. I WILL NEVER BE THAT WEIGHT and I don’t want to be. I am so happy in my own skin.

See ya, scale!

Tip 3: Keep it Simple

Eating, exercising, self-care: keep it simple.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve tried to meal-prep for an entire week only to toss 4 days worth in the trash or bought $60 worth of groceries to make one “healthy” meal that I hated and felt deprived after eating. Likewise, the gym memberships I owned and never cashed in on or the crazy 2-hour workouts I pinned on Pinterest that I’ve never used.

Changing your body and lifestyle is all about creating good habits and maintenance.

You know your life, your availability and your ability, your preferences, your habits, your likes and dislikes. Don’t try to change that. Instead, figure out what is available that can fit into who you are and where you’re at RIGHT NOW.

(My go-to workouts, meals and self-care routines will also be coming soon so turn on your notifications) 

Did I just blow your mind?

i know I didn’t. Sorry, but you asked and I told. The secret is, there isn’t a secret. We’re all adults here. You know what you need to do and we all need love, support and a little guidance along the way. I’m absolutely, 120% here to help you out and cheer you on but you’ve gotta promise me you’re gonna show up for yourself.

Now…. go drink a glass of water, donate your scale and start thinking about YOU and what a healthier, happier you looks like.

Back next week with more… and you better have 700+ ounces down by then.










Disclaimer: I am not a professional, dietician, physical trainer, etc… I am just a mom who gets asked how I got my body “back” post-babies. Use at your own discretion.