Little House on Main

The hidden gem boutique that should be at the top of your shopping list.

Boutiques, like blogs, can be a dime a dozen. I get it and I’m telling you, this one is different. From their owners and their mission to give back to their style and selection – you haven’t shopped anywhere like this.

First, I need to tell you straight off – YOU CAN ORDER FROM THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE. Hello! Had I known this, I would have been shopping like a mad woman for the past year. I don’t want you to learn the hard way like I did.

Now, back to the important part. This boutique is FAMILY owned. When they say shopping small helps pay for baseball pants & piano lessons – they’re talking about this shop and this family. How can you have retail remorse with that? I can’t.

Giving Back

On top of being owned by the sweetest family, Little House on Main gives back to local organizations with every purchase made. “Giving back” can be a phrase that’s tossed around a lot and sadly loses it’s power so I want you to read that again. This small family, working to keep a business afloat, continues to put others first and donates from every single purchase to those in need. Here. Real people, right here. *I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry.* I am a sucker for love and I love when people love people. Love, love, love! You can watch and hear about their donations in their stories.

I could go on & on but I don’t want to spoil all the fun. Go follow their Facebook page: Little House on Main and please drop Amanda a note begging her to come redecorate my house. This girl is beyond talented. Like, even if she can just do a little small corner of my house… anything? SOS. I want to set-up camp in their shop and pretend like I live there.

My steals

This gorgeous light gray blouse with the rust detail was such a steal for Spring. I ordered this in a small and it fits like a dream.

You can’t go wrong with a casual top that has just enough detail to dress itself up. I love easy!

Gingham is everything. Please don’t argue with me, I have my own blog and that makes me a certified stylist. Look it up.

But honestly, I want to give this top an award. Maybe MVP parking in my closet? I am obsessed.

I wore this out to coffee and I had three different girls ask me where I got this cute piece. Of course I has to pair it with my Top Notch bright coral lip because it has black in it & was begging me to.

Shop stylish & shop small,