But I don’t WANT to workout…

How do you workout when you don’t want to? It’s a question I asked myself for years. I fantisized about being one of those girls that is constantly motivated to workout and eat right. Man, if only I had those genes I’d be set.

Then something really weird happened. One day, as I was ogling over some fit chick on Instagram and dreaming about what it must be like to have her motivation and willpower, my husband said nonchalantly “Yeah, that takes a lot of dedication.”

Say what?! Dedication?? No babe, I said I wanted motivation. A magical euphoria that propels me into a mindset where I only want to do the best and right things for my health and body. I really don’t want to discuss dedication because that sounds like work and that’s not magical or effortless, no matter how obtainable it might be.

Anyways, after a few minutes, I resigned myself to the fact that he was right and I had been living in dreamland for years, telling myself I would never be consistent or fit or healthy because, ya know, that just wasn’t how I was wired. I mean, fitness models don’t want French fries or Oreos and I promise, you they NEVER want relax on the couch, zone out to Netflix and skip a workout or two.

I mean, I had a coming-to-Jesus moment where I realized we are all people living this thing called life and experiencing the same human emotions but choosing to follow different paths. It was a BFD guys.

Cut to: I did NOT want to workout tonight. Zero motivation. I had a laundry list of excuses I could’ve leaned on to skip my workout – laundry being one of them. Daylight savings time kept us up with two cranky boys resulting in a wild morning and me flying into my desk without coffee around 8:30. My day was meh at work and it zapped me of all the sunshine I told myself I was going to have until I closed my eyes tonight. By the time I got home at 6, my husband was ready to pass off the kids and the kids were ready to eat dinner. Not to mention, our groceries arrived and did I mention the laundry? So, I sat down on the couch and told myself, welp, it wasn’t meant to be. I’m just not going to workout.

And then I got up, changed my clothes, fed my boys and pushed myself through a 45 minute workout.

It wasn’t glorious – I didn’t feel amazing and proud afterwards. I’m not magically more fit and my six-pack isn’t solidified forever because I overpowered my desire to just sit & eat Cheetos after another wild day in the life of Kay. I love the quote “You’ll never regret a workout.” Mmm yeah, okay, but where is the quote that says “Sometimes your workout will feel like a chore.” Anyone? Because it did and sometimes it does… but I do it anyways.

I made a commitment to myself, for myself. And THAT is a corny quote I’m willing to stand by. My “me-time” isn’t always bath bombs and massages, sometimes it’s sweating in our basement bedroom for 45 minutes listening to a True Crime podcast while the baby bounces off into outerspace in his jumper and my three-year old runs around trying to lift every. single. weight plate in existence even when he’s been asked repeatedly not to because that’s what I’m choosing to do for ME.

When you don’t want to workout, do it anyways. We all get to choose what path we want to be on.

Love & corny quotes forever,