Wal-Mart Spring Steals

You know by now that I love a good deal. I’ll say it again & again – save on trendy items and save for those wardrobe staples.

Here are some of my favorite Spring steals from Wal-Mart this season. I can’t wait to style some of these for you all on social media.

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Happy Shopping!

Fun Fedora

This wide brim Fedora is very in this season. I wasn’t sure how much I would wear this piece but I love mine. It’s basically my new ballcap and that’s a big deal for me. Still glad I opted for the $9.97 version vs. the $40 version.

Crossbody Purse

I’m not sure I will ever own a purse worth more than $30. Mine go through so much wear & tear that I just can’t commit to dropping too much money on one piece. That means I can afford to swap out for a fun Spring color, especially for just $9.97. The quality is going to blow you away.

Crossbody forever. #momlife Plenty of room for snacks & Kleenexes but compact enough that I’m not carrying a suitcase around with me everywhere.

This dress is a dream. I love the material and it is perfect to dress down or up depending on the occasion. It comes in a variety of colors but can you tell I’m into pale pink for Spring? For $9.00 you could probably buy them all.

Spring Swing Dress

Sandal of the Season

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you already know these sandals are all the rage this year.

The Steve Maddens run about $80 and I’m sure are worth it, however, I was pleasantly (feeling v sophisticated) surprised at the quality of these sandals. I have no doubt they’ll hold up for at least 3 summers and they were just $7.98!!! What?! I know. You better get them quick. Sizes are running out fast.

Swim Cover

As much as I tell myself I won’t buy anymore swim gear each year, I never listen. This swim cover is perfect and only $15.90. Have you ever tried to keep up a towel and carry a child?! DOES. NOT. WORK. This gives me the feeling of just enough coverage without being heavy. Plus, I’m not a fan of chlorine & cotton so I like the mesh lace.

Style Tip: I would NEVER wear this as a cardigan. Do ya thing but if you want my advice, this is a poolside piece only.


Sunnies!!!! I can never have enough sunglasses. Same story as the purse here for me. I have to be able to toss these in my purse & go and because of the wear & tear they usually only hold up for about 2 years. Which again, is FINE for me because by then a new style is taking front & center and I’m ready to refresh anyways, especially for $7.00 each.

I love this 2-pack and I’m all about the rose gold coverage this season.

The perfect Joggers

And for the mom in me… some must-have joggers & sneaks for Spring. I don’t even need to explain myself here. Super cute, great fit & good quality.

These joggers were just $11.97. Yes, I need 2 of each color.

Color-pop Sneakers

I love this quilted pattern and the pink is the perfect pop of color for all of my neutral “grocery getter” outfits. The price tag: $14.88!

Thanks for your love & support!

This post is not sponsored in any way by Wal-Mart. Sadly. I’m just doing this to make sure you all have easy access to fun new styles at an affordable cost so I’ll say it again – make sure you’re engaging me on our social sites.

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