Gym Bag Staples

First thing’s first – shop my fun watercolor leggings from Instagram.
They are certified squat-proof, come in a variety of color sets and go well with nearly all of my workout tops. They’re in my gym bag at least once a week.

Now for the rest of my bag…

  • My favorite sweat-blocking Adidas ballcap
    • I have this in black & gray. It’s a ‘Men’s’ cap but fits just fine.
  • Mark Wahlberg’s Performance Inspire Raspberry Lemonade Pre-workout (also available at Hy-Vee)
    • This has clean ingredients and gives me so much power when I’m running low.
  • My Polar Watch & band (I have the old school version, here is the upgraded set)
    • It’s always inspiring to see my calories burned and I like to monitor my heartrate during my LISS & HIIT workouts
  • This cute little zip organizer to hold my hair ties & spare jewelry
  • EXTRA hair ties
    • There is nothing worse than being 99% ready to crush a workout and not having a hair tie
  • An extra pair of these arch-supporting socks
    • WORTH IT and I always pack an extra pair in case I’m wearing flats or heels that day
  • Mini Wet brush
  • Dry shampoo (any brand will do)
  • Jergens lotion
    • Look, I’m not trying to impress anyone but I’m also not trying to scare anyone away…
  • Degree deodorant
  • Victoria Secret body spray
  • Exercise Bands (not pictured – they were down in my “home gym”)
    • I did not need these for BBG but use them all the time for PWR and at home glute workouts
  • Jump rope (not pictured – they were down in my “home gym”)
    • You will need this for BBG and jumping rope is a great warm-up or set in your HIIT workout

The bag is from Thirty-One circa 2015. I love it because it has a place for my shoes, a little strap on the inside for necklaces, rings, etc… a mat or towel holders and LOTS of pockets for easy access & organization. Since I’m not able to link that, I found this one I love from Amazon for you.

Who wants to see my fully Amazon acquired home gym?!