How I get my Bright, White Smile

I know you guys have been seeing these all over the internet, so no worries, I took one for the team and verified it for all of us.

I have been using teeth-whitening strips for years on & off as needed. They worked okay but sometimes left me with sensitivity for a day or two and depending on how frequently I was using them, they could make a dent in my wallet.

Last month I started using this whitening kit with light and I have had SO MANY PEOPLE notice my pearly whites are looking brighter and whiter.



Sure, I look like a robot and sometimes I end up drooling on myself but it’s a quick 20 minutes with no sensitivity and a gorgeous smile.

The kit comes with two different mouth pieces, two syringes of mint-flavored whitening gel, a mouth piece holder and the UV light.

It’s not a miracle product but it worked faster for me than the strips ever did. I saw a notable difference after the first use and people started asking me what I was using after only my second time using it. Think of how white my teeth would be if I had the motivation to use this every night!

Enjoy your savings & your new whiter, brighter smile.