Style Tips for Thin Hair

I was born with fine hair… but then I had a baby… and then another… and it may never recover.

I wanted to share my tips & tricks for giving your hair some volume WITHOUT damaging it. After all, every Mom is holding out hope that all of that hair lost postpartum might grow back some day.

Cleaning & Care

I currently use the Nioxin treatment trio for fine & thinning hair. It’s not a magic serum but it’s definitely helped my baby hairs grow back much faster.

It’s hard to keep thin hair looking clean. I can get away with 2-3 days max without a wash right now. I use Batiste moisturizing dry shampoo between washes. I used to use their original formula and I’m telling you – the moisturizing product is MUCHO better.

I try to wear my hair down or in a low, loose pony. High & tight buns and ponytails can cause breakage. When I do want to wear my hair up, I use these clasp-free hair ties or my favorite velvet bow scrunchies that you guys constantly see me in.

The Cut

I got up the nerve to take off a few inches and go for more of a blunt cut and immediately wished I would’ve done it years ago. The blunt cut allows my locks to fall on each other and create additional volume when I curl it.

When it’s straight, it’s somewhat flat to my head so the blunt cut makes it look sleek and intentional. Making those fine hairs work in my favor!

Style Products

My mother-in-law turned me onto Big Sexy Hair volumizing hairspray. It holds so well without making my hair stiff. I just lift at the roots, spritz and go on with my crazy day.

My stylist has me use Wella heat styling protectant and it has been a lifesaver for my ends. Plus, I love the smell of it. Grab it from her at XO Studios if you’re local to Des Moines.

If you’re able to upgrade – use ceramic plated tools. They’re easier on your hair when it comes to heat.

Sorry for the dirty brush… it’s reality… dry shampoo & reality.

Styling Tips

Try a middle part. It took me a few days to get used to this but now I love it. My friends told me I look like John Lennon because they’re terrors but it really helps to even out the few hairs I have and give me a fuller look all around.

Lift at the roots & spray. This is a simple trick that makes a big difference when you’re setting your style.

DO NOT TEASE. It’s 2019 – the poof is no longer in and there is very little you can do to damage your hair more than ratting it up day after day.

Keep your styling heat low. I’m lucky and my hair holds curl well but if yours doesn’t straighten or curl well – try styling smaller sections instead of cranking that heat up.

That’s a wrap! Brought to you by trial & error and two perfect babies.

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