May Amazon Must-Have’s!

Shopping from the couch with 2-day delivery is everything to me. So excited to share these great Amazon steals for you cuties. So many colors & sizes in all of these pieces – the options are endless.

Anyways, more about the goods….

I needed an eyelet dress for Spring & Summer. NEEDED. It’s such a timeless look and I couldn’t pass up the price tag on this one ($23!!!). It comes in 4 colors – pale pink, white, baby blue and mustard.

I love the sleeves and details on this piece. I sized down to a 4/6 and would recommend you size down as well. You can shop this gorgeous dress here.

These beautiful white tortoise shell & gold earrings are the perfect accent for this simple dress and so many other styles. They’re adorable and you can grab a pair for $12 here.

Okay, this next look is me trying to channel a less-fierce version of Sporty Spice. I hated the geriatric shoe trend but here we are. Loving this look. Even if the shoes & shorts aren’t your style, how can you pass up this GRL PWR tee? IN LOVE. The perfect gift for daughters, nieces, best friends, you name it. It comes in white, baby blue or light yellow for just $19. Get one for you and your GRL friends here.

The shoes fit TTS, are extremely comfortable and are only $30. You guys… they come in cheetah print as well. I am stalking them for my size! Impatiently waiting over here. So, so, SO CUTE. Shop these here.

Bike shorts are v trendy right now. I had to. Next it’ll be stirrup leggings and you know what? I’m gonna have to then too. These shorts are super comfy, fit TTS and are very flattering. The stitching and high-waist make them even more flattering. They’re just $18 and you can grab your own pair here in black, magenta, hunter green or light violet.

Absolutely in love, love, LOVE with these black, geode tassel earrings. You know I love an all black look and these will help spice up anything I throw together for work or a night out. They were a bit of a splurge for me at $15 but great quality and lightweight. Worth every penny. You can grab your own pair here.

This ruched bodycon dress could quite possibly be the most popular dress on Amazon. I finally caved and got one for myself. WOW – I am beyond impressed with the quality of this dress. The fabric is thick & it fits TTS.

I’m happy to join the crowd when it looks this good. Snag your own here for just $22!

Cannot forget this tan fedora that I’ve been wearing everywhere. I’ve been finding them at retailers for $45-85 so imagine my excitement when I snagged this one for only 17.85!!!! It comes with two belts – one brown, one black, to match your outfit. If you’re not feeling the neutral tan, it comes in 8 other colors. Here you go.

Speaking of joining the crowd, I’ve been obsessed over stacked bracelets lately but I just haven’t been able to put together a good set for myself. Imagine how excited I was coming across this gem. It’s neutral with just enough sparkle.

Bonus – it has a simple metal clasp and since it’s a single piece, there’s no slipping & slide of bracelets up and down your arm while you’re trying to live your life. It comes in a handful of colors and styles. Get yours here for just $9. It’s a super steal, trust me.

I’ve tried a few layered necklaces and they’ve either been cheap or they just haven’t laid right on me with the clothes that I wear so again, very excited to share this steal with you guys.

The crescent is such a cute detail and I love the gold. You can grab this one-piece necklace (yessss – saves me so much hassle) here. If gold isn’t your style, no worries, they also sell it in silver. It was originally $26.00 and is ON SALE right now for $9.99. Hurry, hurry.

I hope you were able to find some goodies in this month’s haul. Love sharing all of my good steals and favorite things with you.