LOFT Summer Sale

Where do you shop when you’re too old for Forever 21 but too young for Chico’s? It’s LOFT ladies, it’s LOFT. Not to mention they have the best workwear around.

If you work a business dress job and you’re not shopping at LOFT, drop everything right now and get over to their sale.

Right now they have 60% off their summer styles and 40% off almost everything else in stock.

I wanted to share a few of my picks with you all while I wait for them to come in!

These scalloped shorts are 60% off. That means they’re only $19.80. I almost fainted. I have a pair of black scalloped shorts from the LOFT 3 seasons ago and I’m obsessed with them so I wanted to snag another pair in white. The fit is a little on the large side so I size down and the length is perfect – not too short, not too long. If you’re subconscious about wearing shorts, these would be the perfect ones to help boost that confidence up babe. So flattering!

This perfect transition sweater. When I saw this I immediately saw myself snuggled up next to a fire in shorts and Birks with a slight breeze and lots of s’mores. I am in love with the baby blue and the neckline of this sweater. I’m grabbing a small because I want it to fall above the waist line of my shorts. It’s $20.80 with the sale.

Obsessing over the neckline of this tank. ADD TO CART. This is such a simple, yet unique piece and I’ll be able to wear it multiple ways. So excited for this to arrive. It’s $31.60 which is a little pricier than I’d normally go but like I said, it’s such a unique cut and neutral color that I can’t leave it behind.

First of all, you can never have too many LBD’s because they are timeless. Second of all, SKORT ROMPER. Hi, hello, yes I need you. I no longer have confidence that I can act elegantly in a dress in public with a baby & a toddler. Love the wrap detail on this and the tulip cap sleeves on this piece. $35.80, come to mama. Literally, I need ya because #momlife.

Here for a good mom-short all day, every day.

Have you seen those comments online… “Girls, mom-jeans are not your friend. They make your *blerp* look saggy.” ?! Because the first time I saw a guy say that it just validated my love for them even more. Listen guys, we * DO * NOT * DRESS * FOR * YOU * now take your Affliction t-shirt and go back to the corner while I rock these for just $32.70. BYEEEE. P.S. These pockets give me life.

Chambray meets wrap top meets my closet. Two things I absolutely love. Wrap tops look flawless on any body type and chambray is a huge crush of mine because it pairs so easily with anything. It’s a bit of a splurge for me at $43.60 BUT I know I’ll be able to wear it to work and out “on the town”. It’ll get it’s money’s worth in wear. Grab one for yourself here.

Dupe Alert! I’ve been eyeing this pattern on Dolce Vita for moooonths now because you know my leopard obsession is off the charts and uncontrollable. Anyways, they’re way too pricey for me so I am SO EXCITED to find this style ON SALE. We’re talking 1/4 of the price at $23.70.

Yes, yes, YES. If you are looking to add staple pieces to your wardrobe and you work in any sector of corporate America, you need this top in your closet. It’s 40% off so it’s on sale for $35.70. Wear it with any color and style of jeans, shorts or skirts. This piece is extremely versatile and can be worn on it’s own or layered. Eek! So excited for this one.

Keeping up with the trends by snagging these cute accent earrings. I love the natural look of the straw and stone plus added bonus that I have very few circle or hoop earrings. These are just $17.70 and will pair with just about anything. I’m getting mine the shade below but they also come in black or coral.

Cannot wait to see what you pick up at the LOFT sale! Make sure you tag me.