Clean-up Your Cart

Hey crew! Dropping another blog into the Health section here about grocery shopping.

For one, have ya’ll used Aisles Online yet? And if you do, did you know they have an app now? Game changer.

Anyways, my grocery shopping habits have changed A LOT since having babies and I really feel that’s when I’ve seen the biggest changes in my body.

Produce First

It’s easy to do at Hy-Vee but the first place we hit up is the produce section – we are always guaranteed to grab berries, bananas or apples and green beans. These are weekly staples for our family. We also enjoy asparagus, I LOVE Spinach Miso salad bags from Dole and yellow squash. The boys will eat literally any fruit – pears, clementines, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes… the list goes on & on. Their go-to veggies are green beans and peas. Oliver loves broccoli as well.


Max goes CRAZY here. I always get a pound of sliced chicken breast from the deli for sandwiches and a pack of chicken breast or tenders. Max grabs anything from salmon to pork tenderloin to ribeyes. Another favorite of mine that you can grab in the deli section are pre-made turkey meatballs. They heat in under a minute and are great protein in a pinch.

Don’t forget the eggs! They’re kind of a category of their own but we always try to have a dozen eggs to start the week and a package of bacon for weekend breakfast.


This is my holy grail. All the cheese. If I had to live off of one food for the rest of my life it would be cheesesticks. We always, always have cheesesticks in the fridge. Oliver loves yogurt and we’re all milk drinkers. We also get cottage cheese now & then, AE party dip (AKA best chip dip ever of all time for those of you non-Iowans) and coconut coffee creamer.


Pretty sure my boys are 50% fruit, 50% non-perishables. Go-to’s for our non-perishables are always Belvita breakfast crackers and applesauce for the boys’ breakfast, peanut butter, Cheerios & lots of macaroni. I have to have a bag of Salt & Vinegar almonds somewhere in my ownership (either at work or at home) and if they’re on sale I love pistachios and cashews. In the winter we make a lot of soups so we stock up on broths, canned vegetables and beans but not so much in summer time. I also like to have oatmeal on-hand for weekend breakfast in the winter but we do a lot of pancakes all year round!


Max and I always grab a bag of chips for ourselves and sometimes I get on a popcorn kick & need Angie’s Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn… That’s all I’ve got guys. I don’t buy cookies for the house or baking mixes. We get Goldfish crackers for the boys. Oh! and a box of Propel or Crystal Light drink mixes once every couple of months. Our snacks are usually cheesesticks, berries or nuts and Max loves a good bowl of Rice Chex. He also likes to have a frozen pizza on hand for nights I want a salad or zoodles. We’re not big snackers honestly and stick to our big meals.

Wine & Spirits

Lawd knows we can’t leave the grocery store without perusing the Wine & Spirits section for the latest craft beer. Max is big into Sours & IPA’s right now and I enjoy a flavored stout – coconut is my favorite. In summer we also like to have fruitier drinks likes pre-mixed margaritas or White Claws on hand.

Our final cart

Our cart ends up being about 75% perishable foods that we’ll eat within the week and 25% non-perishable. Looking around at carts the other day just got me thinking – if most of your food is boxed, bagged or frozen, this could be something you look into!

So that’s it. Our mundane and fairly predictable grocery cart! We don’t deprive ourselves and I don’t look for “low calorie” or “fat free”.

I know the predictability can be boring for some people but I also think that trying TOO hard to eat healthy can add a burden to an already hard journey. It’s tough to eat right when it takes tons of odd ingredients and 1.5 hours to make dinner. Pass for me on a gluten-free pilaf with a 10-ingredient salmon patty and fresh, organic and steamed green vegetable mix on a bed of kale unless I’m ordering it at a restaurant. I’ll stick to my 10-minute chicken breast, microwaveable green beans and cottage cheese.

Happy Shopping!