My Breast Augmentation Recap

That’s right world, I had a boob job. Not sure why it’s such a taboo thing to talk about when SO MANY women have had some sort of plastic or cosmetic surgery done.

Anyways, I’m putting it all out there because when I was looking for advice it was tough to find. Hoping this helps someone out there trying to make a decision or prepare for their own procedure.

Yes, I am beautiful the way I am and was. You are beautiful the way you are. There is no NEED to change the way we are but you may want to and dang it, that’s okay! If you disagree, feel free to read no further.

Interest & Research

My interest in getting a breast augmentation really didn’t start until after I stopped nursing our second baby. Prior to having children I ranged between an A-cup and B-cup depending on my weight. I have never been large-chested but I’ve always felt that my body was proportionate. After having children this ALL CHANGED.

After having our first, I was flat as a board and I was okay with it. Honestly, I was just happy they weren’t sagging – they just literally disintegrated. I didn’t mind as I was focused on getting the rest of my body in shape. However, I did have a few embarrassing slip-ups in public – one being at work. Listen, when your bra doesn’t fit, whether it’s too small or too big, things are bound to happen. Because I had no boob to fill out even an A-cup bra, if I wore anything lower than a regular neckine top (scoop-neck, V-neck, etc…) my nips were literally exposed. The cups just kind of sat out from my body and chest empty.

Pregnancy number 2 and baby number 2 came and my body reacted in the exact same way – again, so grateful! Never say never, but I’m fairly confident our family is complete and you guys – I just could not stand to continue feeling like my nips were out for the world to see 24/7. My close friend had a breast augmentation and was so happy with the experience and confidence it gave her so I started doing my research.

I didn’t want to go for size – I’m happy with a smaller cup size and like I said, it was not about having a large chest for me, I just wanted to fit into the smallest bra size available for women again.

The most nerve-racking thing for me was not knowing how my implants would look. I mean, how do you put implants into a completely flat chest and make them look natural? My surgeon reassured me that “my body was perfect” for the implant size I chose and I had some assurance not only in his expertise but in knowing that I grew to a C/D-cup during each pregnancy. Still, this was my BIGGEST FEAR from start to finish.

Support & Consultations

My husband was supportive of the surgery as he knew how much it bothered me to not fit into a bra. Honestly guys, if I could’ve git into an A-cup I’d probably ride it out for life and be fine but I couldn’t. His only concern was that people (my Dad especially) would think he pressured me into it. My friends were and always are supportive and so was work. Yes, I told my boss – point-blank. I also told some of my team. For one, it was going to be obvious and for two, I’m trying to break a bit of a stigma here. I’m not yelling “I got a boob job!” from the rooftops, although it may seem that way to some people, but I’m also not hiding under a winter coat in July telling people I had the flu for a week and now I can’t lift my children for 2 weeks because… who knows, didn’t think through that lie yet because I just decided to be open & honest about it.

My consultations with the surgeon and team was great. They were very accommodating and respectful of our busy work schedules. I’d done a lot of research on my own and was happy that they didn’t push a firehouse of information on me but were also very informative and happy to answer any one-off questions I had. Overall it was quick and I was decisive and that’s the ideal scenario for me. By the way, I went with Dr. Cherny and his team at Heartland Plastic Surgery.

I decided on a 400 cc. All implants fit differently on different bodies and that sounds clichĂ© but when my girlfriends who have also had augmentations and I compared sizes it is SO TRUE. One has 450 cc and fits a DD-cup, another has 500 cc and fits a C-cup… we’re waiting for my swelling to go down but I should be a C-cup. We’ll just have to see!

Surgery & Recovery

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep the night prior to surgery but I found myself just feeling pretty normal and got a decent night’s sleep in. I woke up excited. I was really focused on just trying to stay neutral. Sometimes we can talk ourselves into getting nervous and I also didn’t want to be overly excited – who knew what would happen or what the results would be?

We arrived at 6:30 – Max had to drive me and was able to run out for my prescriptions during the 60-minute procedure and back to pick me up when I woke up. We were taken to a room just outside of the surgery room – if you’ve ever been to Heartland I’m 99% sure it’s a redesigned church of some sort but it was so convenient and cozy. My surgery nurse was there right away at 6:30 confirming my implant size, getting me robed up and starting my IV’s. She asked if I had concerns – I didn’t. They bring in an outside aesthetician and she was just as kind as the surgery nurse. She just kneeled down by the recliner next to me and chatted with me while reviewing charts and within what felt like 30 minutes they were ready to go!

I remember walking into the surgery room, getting up onto the bed and under this warm blanket of plastic air and just being thrilled that I was going to have some awesome sleep! Hahaha! Mom’s can understand this.

The next thing I know, Max was with me and I was in a recliner. I was cognizant so they released us but as soon as I started to move I started to feel motion sick so we sat for a couple more minutes. Pretty sure I zonked out in the car but you’d have to ask Max – it’s pretty fuzzy. I do remember getting home and getting into bed because my mother-in-law was so excited to see me!

From there I nearly slept for 3 days straight. My body is super sensitive to pain medications – almost to the point that I’d rather handle the physical pain than be under the influence of pain medication and feel dizzy/hungover/out-of-control of my body. You’re supposed to get up to walk every 2-hours but this was closer to every 3 for me due to the medication. I felt like I would wake up in time to walk, eat some soup and go back to sleep. I was exhausted.

By Sunday the nurses said I could come off all the pain medication when my mother-in-law expressed her concerns that I was literally not able to stay awake for more than an hour stretch and by Monday I was up for a 3-hour stretch in the afternoon. I showered myself and did my mother-in-laws make-up for fun and then took another nap.

Tuesday I still felt hungover, but well enough to work from home so I logged on and was able to catch up on e-mails and conduct calls. It helped to have a comfy couch to sit on.

By Wednesday afternoon I was in the office and the rest is history.

My stiches will come out this Friday which is the 2-week mark already!


On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst pain you’ve ever experienced, the greatest pain I experienced post-surgery was a 3. I have a high pain tolerance – tattoos don’t bother me, I’m a champ through labor but let me tell you – induction contractions – those suckers brought me TO MY KNEES with our first baby. That’s my 10. I would compare the pain I felt to getting a tattoo (where the incisions were located) and then I had a little bit of a “zing” pain through my right breast every now and then that felt like (and likely was) a torn muscle.

My range of motion was great right from the start so I was able to do things that you’re traditionally not able to do like wash my hair, sit up in bed, open my medication bottles, etc… I can either chalk this up to luck or workouts or a combination of both. Honestly, I was worried my chest muscles would make surgery and recovery harder but as you’ve read – I had an ideal experience.


I am so happy! My body feels so much more proportionate and I wore a BIKINI this weekend. I haven’t done that post baby #2 except for the blog. I finally felt like this body I’ve put hard work into looked great in one.

So far, all of my normal clothes fit great. I don’t feel exposed or like I’m exposing myself in any way.

My implants are still in the drop & settle phase so they are still high on my chest and a little far apart but with the way they fit as they are today, I know they will only look better as I continue recovery which usually lasts about 6 weeks.

So… here you go! I chose this before photo to try and show you exactly how flat my chest was. I am not kidding, I could not fill out a padded-A cup even when I tried to put cutlet inserts into them ON TOP of the padding. My chest bone stuck out farther than my actual chest. It was sports bras or nothing and as you know, my outfits just aren’t meant for sports bras.

And here are the results so far. Once they’ve settled and I’ve had my six week recovery I’ll take some more comparable before & after shots for you guys. My blog is being finnicky about any photos that appear to be too revealing although I promise you, everything is well-censored.

Planning to do another blog or two on research, preparation and surgery advice as well.

Happy to answer questions if you have them. The best way to get ahold of my is by following me on Instagram @kayschronicles.