Home Gym on a Budget

Today I’m sharing my home gym, completely furnished from Amazon, with you. Don’t fight the change that’s coming, plan for it! I’ve broken this out into 3 categories – Must-Have’s to get you started, Nice-to-Have’s that I’ve got at home today and Wish List items that I’m planning to add this season.


  • Bands – This set of bands is perfect for any at-home workout program. I use them for arm, leg and ab work and love the variety of weighted options. They are extremely durable and great quality plus, you can’t beat this price point.
  • Medicine Ball – My workout program uses a medicine ball for a lot of different moves and this was the best “weight” option for me, in addition to a light pair of dumbbells to get me started with my home gym. I’ve had this one for 2 years and it’s still like new.
  • Yoga Mat – I just adore this bright colored mat. It helps give me a little extra motivation. This mat is non-slip and easy to wipe clean. It’s also cushioned enough to help provide additional support for my back or hands when I’m putting in work.
  • Dumbbells – I started with a small set of 5 lb dumbbells. These lined ones work great but they can get pricey to build a set. I’ve had these for over 6 years and they are still great quality. Eventually, I wanted to invest in a plate set so that’s where the larger weight dumbbells are from. I’ll talk more about them below under Bar & Plates.
  • 32 oz. Water Bottle – I LOVE this water bottle and unfortunately, so does my husband. About a month after I got it, he took it to work and never returned it so now I’m getting myself a new one. This is such an easy way for us to get our water in throughout the day without multiple trips to the fountain to refill. It’s insulated and the water stays cold for hours.
  • Performance Inspired Pre-Workout – There are just days when I need a little pick-me-up, liquid motivation or some extra power to get through a hard workout. Pre-workouts, like energy drinks, should be used with caution. I’ve tried over 10 different pre-workouts over the past 10 years and PI by Mark Wahlberg is easily my favorite. It has clean ingredients and it doesn’t give me the burn & burst that others do. This pre gives me a steady flow of extra energy without leaving me feeling crummy or shaky. Again, I’m only recommending this as a pre-workout, use any type of pre-workout with caution. I drink a lot of caffeine so my body reacts differently than yours might.
  • Shaker – Gotta have a shaker to mix up your pre-workout with. I love the bright colors of this one. It also has a canister on the bottom to measure our your pre or protein on the go!
  • Leggings – Girl, these leggings are it. You know I love a good deal. I love quality too but I’m rarely will to spend over $50 on one piece of clothing. These leggings are soft and snug! My favorite part is the high-waistband but the thick material comes in close second because it helps smooth everything out and I know I have full coverage whether I’m running errands or doing burpees.
  • Workout top – I have yet to find a workout top I’m married too but here is one of my favorites. To be honest, when I’m at home I workout in a sports bra a lot – it’s less laundry. BUT when it’s cold or I’m just wanting some extra coverage this top is the first one I pull out of my closet.


  • Stability Ball – This bad Dad hasn’t lost air in 4 years and I got it at a great price! I am really grateful I’m not having to pause my workout and track down the air pump. The material is thick and has some texture to it that allows it to move easily but also stay put and not slide all over the place when you’re trying to balance on it.
  • Weight Bench – This was a splurge I saved up for! Definitely not a must-have when you’re starting your home gym. I use this for step-ups, incline push-ups and all sort of other arm and ab workouts. It gives me great range of motion and is sturdier than the kitchen chair that I was using prior. It ships Prime and is super easy to assemble, plus it comes with the tool to put it together.
  • Bar & Plates – I got my money’s worth with this set. The plates are cement-filled. The bars are sturdy enough to full stack the full amount of weight on without any worries but forewarning, the clamps to secure the bars will give you a workout all on their own in getting them on & off the bars. If you are lightly using weights in your workout routine for a set of squats or dumbbell curls, I recommend this set for the price. If you’re looking to get into full-on weightlifting workouts, I recommend this set. The plates are metal and the bar and clamps are better quality. You get what you pair for between these two so just take some time to evaluate your workout routine and commitment level.
  • Stationary Bike – This bike is under $100! What?! And it’s pink, need I say more? This bike is perfect for the LISS I do throughout the winter. A treadmill is a big investment, a big piece of equipment and as much as I love to incline walk in the winter, it just wasn’t the right piece for me. This bike folds up and can fit into our coat closet or the corner of the basement without drawing much attention to it. It has 10 different intensity levels, a calorie and distance tracker and is adjustable.
  • Pull-up Bar – I actually acquired this piece of equipment through marriage. I have a very weak upper body and can’t do a single pull-up. However, I like to use this bar for leg and knee lifts to get a good full-body burn.

Wish List

  • Bosu Ball – This is my next equipment purchase! There are so many great moves you can do with a Bosu – from stability moves to HIIT moves, to weight-resistant moves. I have my eye on this one in particular because I’ve used the brand at our work gym and like the quality, size and materials.
  • TRX Bands – The ONLY reason I have not purchased a set of TRX bands is because I do the Sweat program. If I was doing a self-created workout program at home, I would definitely have these incorporated, probably before weights or a bench. There are so many self-weighted exercises you can do with TRX bands. If you like to create your own workouts and don’t need a set plan to stay on track, I HIGHLY recommend these TRX bands.
  • Jump Box – The HIIT girl in me needs a jump box. I use my bench for some small jumps right now but I want to add some height and have a larger base so I can really try to put some ground under myself. I don’t run so box jumps are an awesome way for me to get my heartrate up and check cardio off my list.
  • Step – An adjustable step is definitely on my wishlist. If I wasn’t doing Sweat, which has step-ups on a bench, I would’ve purchased this adjustable step in place of the weight bench. It’s great for HIIT footwork exercises, tiered push-ups, weight-work and more. The height is much easier for lunges, squat jumps and other moves whereas a weight bench is just a bit too high. I use this step at my old gym for YEARS and it is so worth the money.

There it is guys! My home gym and wish list. If you have any questions about the equipment or products I’ve listed and/or how I use them, please reach out. I love connecting with you!

Fittest wishes!