Best Fall Style Dupes

Glamour put together an awesome article on 13 essentials to update your wardrobe this Fall. I could not agree with their picks more but the price tag is something I’ll pass on.

Read the full article here. In the meantime, I’ve found the best dupes for each 13 pieces so you can dress like the best on a budget.

1.Leopard Print Skirt

You can grab this Free People Leopard Skirt for $98 or you can grab this dupe for just $22. Add to cart.

2. Statement-Sleeve Sweater

This Outnet sweater is on sale for $198 but you can snag this arguably cuter sweater for only $28 and eat your cake girl.

3. Chunky Sneaker

These classic Fila sneakers retail for $86 while these chunky sneakers retail from one of my favorite retailers for just $25.

4. Dark Floral Dress

Even my tight pockets would open for this dark floral dress from & Other Stories for $119 but I was able to save myself by grabbing this one for just $24 (S-XXL).

5. Padded Headband

Shop Small and grab this padded headband from Etsy for $48. You can also find padded headbands for just $5.

6. Trench Coat

A camel or khaki trench is on the top of my shopping list for Fall. This updated trench from & Other Stories retails for $179. I’m going to save and grab this for $30.

7. Silky Pants

These silky pants from TopShop are $58 which isn’t a bad price but if you don’t think you’ll wear them often or are worried about them going out of style quickly, catch the trend for less and grab these for $24.

8. Cow-Print Boots

I have been crushing HARD on cow-print since Kylie posted in her cow-print swimsuit back in May but it’s been so hard to find. I am so excited to find this pair from Mango for just $80. I found the IDENTICAL DUPE for 50% less at just $40. Seriously, can you tell the difference?

9. Patchwork Jacket

This patchwork jacket from Urban Outfitters is $129 or you can grab this slightly quieter one for $22.

10. Printed Beret

So chic! This printed beret from TopShop is $48. I found the perfect dupe in 4 different colors for just $5. Byeeee!

11. Carry-All Bag

About choked on my wine ya’ll! This bag from Cos retails for $225. I’m going to pass and grab this one for just $18 instead.

12. Something Lavender

I love lavender. This skirt is $245 from Vince. Oof! Since I’m already grabbing the must-have leopard silk skirt, I’m going to grab this lavender AAAAdorable wrap dress for just $22 instead and call it a win.

13. Tie-Die Anything

Tie-Die is definitely in and I’m here for it but I’m not super crazy about these $290 tie-die jeans from My Theresa. I’m going to opt for this tie-die tie-front sweatshirt instead for just $14. Beyond cute.

Really feeling like I’ve done my job on this one. Love hooking you girls up with the latest looks for less.

Happy Shopping!